Playing Favorites!

Playing Favorites!

These new, colorful initial stud earrings arrived and I think I am in love! Not only is the price amazing ($20) but I can’t get enough of all the fun, Spring colors! Totally ‘preppy – chic’ and perfect for every day wear!



Spring Is (Finally) In The Air!

Spring Is (Finally) In The Air!

After what seemed like an unbearable winter (for a Texan at least), Spring seems to finally be here! I’m excited for spring cleaning…my jewelry box of course! Out with the jewel tones and in with the pastels. Although pastel hues are lovely for Spring, the fear can be that they can be too ‘cutesy’. However, pastels are some of my favorite colors, IF paired with black, navy and grey for a sharp contrast. One of my favorite color combinations is dusty pink and grey. I think this looks amazing year round. Add white for more of a spring look and black for winter. Bottom line, don’t be afraid of pastels and pair them with darker colors for a chic, fashion forward transition to spring!


The Second Best Things In Life…

The Second Best Things In Life...

“The best things in life are free; the second best are expensive.” -Coco Chanel

Ms. Chanel was (sadly) correct! I love this custom, 14kt yellow and rose gold monogram necklace set with tiny, pave diamond accents. Who wouldn’t? These necklaces are fun takes on a classic style (monograms) because you can always add more charms as you go along. think of this is a ‘starter’ necklace. These are especially great as push presents in case you think your family might continue to expand! I love that you can add meaningful charms (cross, clover, birthstones – not pictured, etc…) and even only wear some of the charms on a day you are feeling like a more minimalist look.

Email me at to learn more about creating a 14kt gold monogram charm necklace.


New Year, New Everything!

New Year, New Everything!

Ok, so we are officially twenty days into the New Year, but better late than never, right? I am very excited for 2014 and what it holds in store for Gemma Collection!

Having just come back from New York Market, I am getting in lots of new orders from brand new lines. I love all the unique and amazing finds I found at Market! This Market was hands down the best I have EVER attended and I was particularly wowed by such great prices, which means Gemma Collection will finally have LOTS and LOTS of great pieces under $30! I always get ladies coming in looking for a special “girlfriend gift” and although I am sure they’d all love to splurge for their best friends, reality does tend to set a $30 budget for most! Having said that, I am reminded of a painted quotation on the wall of one of my favorite restaurants in Minneapolis (I used to live there!) that read: “Good seafood isn’t cheap and cheap seafood isn’t good.” I generally tend to agree with that adage but I was very careful to select pieces that were incredibly well priced but don’t look ‘cheap’. It can be very hard, especially with something as visually sensitive as jewelry but I think I did a good job!

I am also excited for our Pink Tag Sale which is currently going on! Pink Tags mean 25% off and there are lots of great pieces on sale. I know sale items tend to be items that didn’t sell well initially, but that is definitely not the case here! I need to make way for all the new pieces that I ordered so many of the items are pieces that are very popular – I just have too much stock on hand! Please stop by since once the sale items are gone, they’re GONE!

Finally, monograms and custom pieces are some of the most popular gifts at Gemma Collection and I am very excited to introduce hundreds of new monogram and personalized jewelry options! I can’t have physical samples of everything, but if you send an email to I can send you images of all the new styles. I am super excited to announce that there are lots of engraved monogram pieces which start at only $65! Engraving is much easier to make than hand cut, lace monograms so the prices are certainly lower but the quality is the same!

As always, be sure to follow Gemma Collection on Facebook ( and Instagram (@gemmacollection) to see all our fun new arrivals and sale items!


All Gifts Are NOT Created Equal

All Gifts Are NOT Created Equal

It’s that time of the year….the holidays are in full force! I know Thanksgiving isn’t over, but the best gifts are purchased before Thanksgiving. Why, might you ask? Can’t I simply stroll into any store at 8:55pm December 24th and expect to find the *perfect* gift for everyone on my list? Of course not! The best gifts (like most things in life) do require some prep work. Unless you want to buy everyone a gift card to a chain store, you need to be a little bit prepared and creative.

Not only does our inventory begin to dwindle each Holiday season (despite our best efforts and no matter how many reorders we place), but certain pieces really are one of a kind and aren’t available forever. Some of our best selling lines change their collection with each new season. You don’t want to come in mid December looking for something you saw in August since there is a good chance it won’t be here anymore. (Despite my most dire warnings I can promise you I will always try my best to track a retired / sold out style down!)

Another unfortunate truth: personal and custom gifts (think our best selling monograms, nameplates, initials and other engraved or personalized pieces) take much longer to get in than you would expect. Most are hand cut or engraved and with the holiday rush, normal lead times can swell. Custom gifts are very special since it shows you put in the extra effort to personalize the present which is why they make amazing (and timeless) gifts. TODAY is the last day to order a hand cut, lace monogram piece and ensure Christmas arrival. Since we carry a variety of different monogram lines though, there are multiple deadlines. If you see anything on the blog, Facebook (, Instagram (@gemmacollection) or Pinterest ( shoot us an email ( or call the store ( 469 232 9357) and we can let you know the Holiday deadline.

Finally, if you aren’t too creative and you have limited time, we offer complimentary personal shopping and private appointments. We can recommend gifts that will be a hit for almost anyone on your list.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!


Introducing The Vineyard Collection!

Introducing The Vineyard Collection!

It’s time to get personal with the latest monogram musts for the holidays (and for any occasion really)! I am quite excited to launch these pretty little baubles. Apparently this line was inspired by Martha‚Äôs Vineyard and with their classic, bright and preppy look I can certainly see why! Check out some of my favorite pieces from the collection! The line starts at only $48 for a monogram necklace in size medium (18mm) monogram necklace. My personal favorites are the adjustable monogram rings!